5 things that annoy people on Internet

We are living in the internet generation, and we all have that love relationship Internet. Internet has become a massive part of our life and there is hardly a day we can’t live without it. No matter how amusing the internet is there are things on that annoy us more than anything in the world. Here is the list of 5 things on that internet that annoy people –

1) Advertisements and pops-up – Ads are everywhere and the internet is filled with ads. Do we really care about ads? I mean who watches them or even pay attention to them? You are on a website, trying to enjoy a video or article, and there auddenly pops up 5-6 ads on multiples tabs. Some ads take more than a minute to finish which of course waste our valuable time. Pops up ads also slow down our pc and some of them may contain virus.

2) Captcha – One of the most boring day-to-day online dealings is to constantly prove that you are not a “robot”. Bots are prevented from signing up for services by captcha. This helps to prevent spam from spreading. As the technology progresses bots are finding new ways to by-pass this security measure. As a result you may have noticed captcha’s are getting tougher to solve and obviously more “annoying”

3) Fake Downloads– Fake download link are surely one of the most annoying thing on internet. Have you ever download a software or anything else and when you downloaded it then open you it, you find out you downloaded something else stupid? Well, how annoying is that? Some of us use limited internet and it wastes our valuable money. And another annoying about these software’s are, they often contain virus. Removing this software’s from our computer also takes ample time and effort. Good news is, Google said they are going on war against websites that contain these fake “ download buttons” and hopefully we will soon able to get rid of these fake downloads and software’s. 

4) Forced Registration– Ok we understand websites want to collect data for marketing purposes, but there is nothing more frustrating than forcing your visitors to sign up for your website before they can even know what your website is about. There are people on internet who are very conscious about their privacy and don’t like to give their personal information to anyone. They are the people who particularly can’t tolerate this “sign up” thing for more than few seconds. We most of the time try to avoid signing up for any websites, but most often we are left with no options but to sign up.

5) Virus- Virus is probably the most dangerous thing on internet. I agree pops out advertisement are annoying and can be closed with one click but virus can bring your computer to its knees. Although most us must have installed “Anti- virus” but this doesn’t give us protection. When you want download a file, the first thought that comes across your mind is, “does that file contains virus”. No matter how caution we are about it, most files on internet do contain virus and the most annoying there is nothing much we can do about it.

So, be safe with these!



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