How to get good results in public exams

Public exams can take the juice out of you get,so let’s get start to read the books. Public exams decide career and future let’s see how can we win this battle and get good results. Public exams are so easy than you think and the situation and pressure make you feel uncomfortable and stressed.

1. Planning : ” If you fail to plan you plan to fail “

Planning is a basic key to have best results. Take a diary and mark your dates and have your exams with a countdown &  plan your syllabus parts that are hard for you.

2. Never Skip Classes

60% of your good marks depends on your focusing on classes and your attendance. So start from today to restore your classes and have clean notes.

3. Eat right and have your mind relaxed.

You must always have a relax mind and a balanced diet in order to obtain good marks.

  • Try to have a chocolate before study sessions.
  • Never skip breakfast.
  • See a clean wall for about 5 minutes before starting your study sessions.
  • Try to avoid fast foods.

    4.Practice past papers

    50% of your new question paper is based on past papers. Try to have them in finger points than mobile phones. Learn them and their structures and find out similarities.Set a time limit for giving your response for each question, taking into account total number of questions and duration of the examination. Keep aside five to 10 minutes for rechecking your responses after completing the examination.

    5. Respect your teachers

    Remember that you are reading this only because of your teacher. The point where students miss is here. This can be crazy when you hear but sounds great when you follow! Why not try this?!

    Extra Tips:-

    • Study to answer not to score marks.
    • Focus more on syllabus.
    • Get atleast 6hours of sleep.
    • Don’t do a full night study.
    • Be cool and relax on the eve of the exam
    • Try to answer the questions you can.
    • Use your mobile phone as a source of knowledge.
    • Try to study in morning hours.

    So, good luck to your exams!

    Thank you,



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