5 Reasons Why Dad is your Best Friend

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1.The person you know the longest.
He is the person who advice you and trust the most in you! When you need really important advices you always head to him. He is the person with whom you shared your first little discoveries about the world. He taught you so many things about life like, how to walk, how to talk and how to not care what other people say about you. He carried you on his hands when your little feet were hurt…Who else on earth would do something like that for you?? He was the person who smiled at you when you were born, while your mother was crying in pain! He welcomed you to this world with a bright big smile. Since, he keeps that smile and put on his face whenever you are in a succeeding path. He encouraged you to try crazy things, even when your mother was panicked with fear. Though he had million other things to do, he was never too busy when you really needed him. He is always there and he is always has been. Friendship is also measured by the amount of time you spent together. When you measure the time you had spent with your dad, it is never comparable to anyone in this world except to your mum. That is the reason, he knows you real face and real pain. The time you had been together is more than enough reason to tell that your dad is your best friend!!!

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2. He introduced you  this world.
Your mum introduced you to this world, while your dad introduced you this world! He speaks about your success to this world with pride. He taught how to succeed in this world which is full of dangerous people where only the rumors spread as breaking news. He showed me the reason when I’m confusions and always respected my decisions. To make me feel as I CAN fly, he hung me on his arm and rotates me when I was small. Dad is our moral compass. He is an eraser for my sadness and a writer to write my happiness. A countable or an uncountable thing always has a mass but a thing which is uncountable but doesn’t have a mass is a father’s love. It indicates that his love is infinite and wordless to explain which is everlasting. Once upon a time, every day in the morning before he goes to work he carried you on his shoulders to introduce you to this world and to tell everybody that you are his valuable pearl.

3. He never said what he did to you.
It is not possible to count the things that he had done to you. He, from the time you born have done uncountable things to you. He bought toys and many things for you more than what you have asked. He never had a limit for his love on you… He never thought of his hunger but he always thought of your happiness. When you had a wish to happen, he scarified his wishes to make your wish to happen. He buried all his dreams and happiness, to make you smile always. He is always there to pick you up when you fall and protect you from hurts and pains. When you were sick and cries in pain his tears starts to fall as rain drops. He has the words of wisdom. He showed you the right from wrong, showed unconditional caring, shared tears and laughers, taught to stand on your own, supported and inspired at every moment when you felt like you were falling! He had done immeasurable things to you but he had never said about it to you! We cannot return the favor he did to us in any ways… He is a WORDLESS person but a HEARTFULL Man. 

4. Your first guide in this worldly tour.

It’s his hand you held to walk, it’s his shoulders you used to climb and it’s his experience you saw the world. He is the only marvel on earth to control his temper when you bombard him with questions like “dad, what’s this? Dad! How comes? Because no average people can tackle that kind of trouble (trust me…) he is the one who’s got the caliber to make complex things, a piece of cake. And your superman whose eyes told stories and whose hand do wonders. Your first teacher to teach you things and alter your personality. The live saver to save you from trouble and he’s certainly the one to get through your endless dramas, your whining, your silly, cheeky or grumpy moods calmly through you deserve to be punished. He is your sacred gifted of chocolates, gummy bears and ice lollies and your best mate to enjoy them with your goofy stories too. The greatest tour guide in your worldly adventures and the great philanthropist and the mould who shaped you in to who you are. All these multi personalities in one person is your best friend called “DaD”.

Credits:- Marwa Jowsi

5. First my dad, forever my hero!

This world has many heroes, some you know by names but you had never known the best hero was with you who is your dad! He was the person who showed you the first love and seen you growing in your mum’s womb. He held you in his shoulders until you stood on yourself. All the dads give their children the greatest gift. Only few will be able to recognize and protect that. It is the “TRUST” he keeps on you till last! He made you to believe in you! He is a man like no other. He gave us life, held us, taught us, fought for us, nurtured us, shouted at us, kissed us and most importantly loved us unconditionally. He is fully energy personified. As years gone by, I saw how he appeared in those times I fell so low. And as time passed I realized he was the strong and the bravest who had always stayed. A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall, but he soon picks and, brushes you off and lets you try it again and encourage you. When you remain silent, others will question you openly as “what is bothering in you?” but your daddy will first question himself as “what bothered my child?” and he thinks, whether he was the reason for your silence. He never questions you at first instead he questions himself!!
Almost everyone in this world changes with time. They start to search new people to their life and they also change their attitudes and love they had on you. The real hero of your life who is your best friend “your daddy” will never change nor shift in any circumstances. He never thinks that someone’s child is better than his child! That’s the perfect and appreciatable attitude a dad possess. He is a person who puts your photo in his wallet where his money uses to be! Mostly every child thinks that his/her dad is introverted and violent person. But they never understand and realize the true face of their loving dad till last. When you do a mistake, with everybody he too will blame you but he will be the only person there to teach you to stand firm and avoid misconceptions in your life and teach you to face the challenges smartly. He is our secure foundation and our best friend!!



An Article By : Aneesha Luffar.


52 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Dad is your Best Friend

  1. Well done dear..your words just make us realise how worthy a person lyk a dad means to us and I personally feel that every girl who thinks of their father as their HERO should read this article👍👍👍

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  2. As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do. Today and always… Congratulations… And I believe you can fly! The sky is your limit. Spread out your wings and soar high. Welldone and best wishes. Win the world MMAASS!

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  3. Your brilliant achievement today is remarkable. May all your dreams come true. Good luck and congratulations.
    Start each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for great things. Well done sis…
    Win the world MMAASS!!!

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  4. MMAASS you guys are rocking! Dad will always be the king to his kids. Well done Anee. Great! Thumbs up. I’m really impressed!


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