5 Reasons why you should Respect Women

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The world celebrates International Women’s Day today(8th March). As a dedicated contribution I’m building an eighth world wonder, a castle with my honour and respect to all mothers over there. Women play a major part in our life as many roles but we never scale the pounds the endear pain. Therefore here we go, 5 Reasons why we must respect women, knowing that this is a problem is half a problem solved.

1. Atom of life!

Remember the fact that a “female” gender donated you, your cute life, and we call her as “Mother”; Keep your right hand on chest: can you feel it? Yes this is what a women(alias she) offered you. If you are not respectimg women always remember over and above that you are dis-respecting your own life.

2. Monks in real life!

You might have studied in Health Education some stuff called “Empathy”. Yes, women are wholesale empathy traders! Your happiness their happiness, your sadness their sadness! Yes men, we need sensitivity training 😐. Women seem to care about others than men do, at times, so men respect them for getting in-touch with their feelings.

3. Unselfish Monsters!

Be the trolls and meme of husband and wife be aside, yes,women are un-selfish, I swear!! Think about your teacher (second mother) who contributed for you, your mother who worked like a servant without a salary etc… Women contribute for well-being and we must organize, not to harsh them.

4.Naturally Harder than Diamomd!!

Hello Diamond, here we go you have more competition, Diamond vs. Eve, Sorry!! Diamond loses. Yes, women win. Remind 2014 when Malla conquered the world from her bravery! When Mother Theresa who explained what is kindness to the world! Cleopatra who expanded the Roman Empire! And most recently Hillary Clington who went toe-to-toe face-to-face with multi millionaire Donald Trump! Yes! The list expands with their charisma. Imagine how many hardship they face throughout the day or how many harrasements they face. God made men more stronger, only to protect them, but we misused. Results show up even while traveling in a public bus 😡😡. Shame!! We must always respect who are stronger than us!! So respect!!👊

5. Given Beauty and Intelligence!

Admit it, women are cute 👩. Believe it or not, the knowledge and basic common understanding on stimulus a 15 year girl has is equal to a middle-aged well experience life expert men.(like Bear Grylls) And we still show our stupidity. Accept defeat!! And we must always accept that they have given prettiness even without requesting from Fair & Lovely ( what men do these days). So, better respect the intelligent angel$!!!

Thus, the provided five reasons prove that feminine is perfect nutrition and must be shown with severe respect! ☺ Respect is reciprocal and Prevention is better than cure (😂😂). So respect women, share to women you respect, worth it!! Happy Women’s Day

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