My Season in Hell,Article Based On My Life!

SadurshanHello Folks, I am back with a new article by my own feelings and sadness which grab you up, put you down, kick and stomp you and gives the key to mental strees and depression. I will be discussing the sorrows I faced in my life and how I over came that.

Before starting the article, I’m gonna tell you about myself. I’m Sadurshan Saravana from Sri Lanka and am 16years old(2017). Avoidance and Sadness are only true friends of me.So let me begin, the hell fires that burst me. The way the problems shook me and how I overcame a real life odessey.


Yes, people reject me than anyone. They use me like a straw to drink the juice outta and throw in without any acknowledgement. People tend to be soft hearted and show kindness and respect to me but, no indeed. They usually call me “A baby” in moronus way and spread rumours.I have an undefined 7th sense to unreveal the masks. Just think, if all around you( specially friends) reject you for silly reasons and for some appearences and personality traits! It hurts!! Don’t backbite( my advice ). The only way I find myself healed is by creativeness. I would like to thank god for giving me talent in I.T field. That I never had a proper computer for a duration and I had a proper phone. I entered into the field of “Web Designing”. 

2. Poor traped inside a circle of riches.
Yes, no offence to anyone I didn’t have money. I studied in a International School but trust me I never had a 500 bucks as pocket money to spend like other kids had. Movies may show poor the best.I can’t say it as jealous but I became a moron. Sound like this was the top reason why people never liked me at school. And I had no good dresses and I have seen many friends who tease me about my “Green-Colour T-Shirt”.

3.No Oppurtunity and Backstage works.
I don’t know how many of you all have experienced this kind of a shit but I have. The special reason of creating this article is to spread out the message that disaster is not a end therefore, I’m not blaming anyone or showing my hatred ( if I did this can be too long ). I have went through a path with throns all the way where, you get cheated. I got cheated. I worked hard, even without proper resources( I swear anyone wouldn’t have done it without a proper software) but the favouration won only to disgust me.Yes, my work, credit others. Its okay to get hurted by this way, but the disaster happened next. All works all praises go to them as “five stars of school” but me, who me?? “He is a shit, next time will see” Still waiting for the next time đŸ˜£. Thank god it changed, now my school is a better place.

4.No Way to continue
When I end up my school life, I had plenty of dreams but all dried out of a shit called ‘Money’. The best way that I get hurt here is because of show up. Noobs over there show up to me and call me put for competition. Trying my best to over come this. All tease me, but still I never keep down my attributes. People around me, know that I don’t have the required  thing,money. Best way to describe this is ” They are telling to walk a person who doesn’t have a leg”. Worst feeling ever. But the people who laugh at me will try to laugh with me after my plans suceed.Even now they need my help, just to know that a person named “Sadurshan” exist to help us, only to help us. SAD… But I am tying to over come these hell only to say that, Come to my side and see how that is haunted and then advice!!

Tamil : Seiravanga enna venum nallum seiyatum but Vallavanuku Pullum Ayutham.

So, in conclusion I have listed out four main thing that brought depression to me, by injecting their poison. I may be ugly, look like moron or look like un-mature. But every creation in the world is having a reason for survival. I am born to suceed. No pain no gain. I have born poor but if I die poor thats my fault.

I would like you to share this article to those who suffer from pain, and would like to hear from you about your experiences in your own My Season in Hell.




33 thoughts on “My Season in Hell,Article Based On My Life!

  1. Your a kind hearted person sadu..Dont let others misuse it.One day u will be proud of yourself. May every step of u reach success.Now the money is ruling you,one day u will rule the money..All the best

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  2. u r not a known one for me..but,
    friends are the one who helps us to lead in the depends on what they teach us..oneday u wil succeed insha allah..remembr, the friends wil b the only reason fo they hav made u to undrstnd abt u..well done

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  3. Life teaches us many things. Keep aim your target, you will win. That’s for sure with the blessings of God.
    I wish you all the best for a bright future.

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  4. I dono abt others, in my point of view there r, so many to be included here coz I have spent my few years of life with u I have gripped u to n fro.. No matter wot happened in past forget who forgot u n live with who deserve u.. Don’t forget ur parents they r da most caring human beings for u down d earth.. God bless u.. N guide u.

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  5. All the best. These are the main steps to ur success. Never give up ur trust and achieve ur goal with flying colours. U have a good talent in i.t field.also already u have identifi what u can, and u have identify ur way.but some are struggling to know in what field to continue after their school.u r lucky.u can more than this.

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