5 Reasons that School Life is Heavenly

Wherever or whenever ,if you ask someone which is the best part of life bestowed to them. Undoubtedly the reply you are gonna get will be “My school life is the best” & ” I wish i could go through my school life once again”. Yes, it is reasonable to think why people adore their School lives? What follows is 5 heart breaking reasons to prove School life is the best time in life!!

1) You spread your wings & soar up high
      School life- the word which makes most of you nostalgic.. During this period you have the full liberty to be as you wish.You wanna bunk your class, you do it. Group punishments, you have it. Feeling hungry? you sneak into the hiphop cafeteria and have a good tuck in. You wanna have fun? Actually that’s what you have being doing the whole time. Life seems to be happier and carefree that you don’t feel locked up and burdened with responsibilities as the life you ought to have in you adulthood.You only have to be whatever the bird you wish and just spread your wings & soar up high!!

2) Selfless second selves 
       “Friends”( feels so happy to just pronounce this word even right?) The friends  you get in your life are the treasures you are to hold tight & never let them go.Because these creatures suffering  the same disease as you are the creatures who held you so close & tight knowing all your weakness,disabilities & flaws and still stuck to you knowing you don’t have dollars in your pockets , luxuriousness  to wallow in youthand still depended on your parents. They will be with you throughout  unlike the new so called buddies you’re gonna get in future depending on dollars & stuffs you possess..Its complete innocence & uncontrollable love which pulled them towards you.Its these selfless idiots without whom you would feel incomplete and who enjoyed punishments with you, helped you in homeworks & exams and who gave you more  importance than you deserve(ask yourself you will feel how they made the “inferior you” superior).Lets all thank our school life merely for this reason

3) Teacher- best friends & life savers

          Second parents to care
          best friends to share
          the rolemodel to inspire
          the oxygen to respire 

teaches are the life blood of the future world who gave you best guidance in making your own life the best. They are the most unselfish people on earth(i swear..) though they seem stern & rude. They are the true benefactors giving everything you need without getting anything in return.They are the people who knew what you are & what you will be even when you are not sure of it yourself. (My personal experience :i still would have been the class outcast if not for my teacher)They worked hard to bring out what is in you when you were thinking that all your efforts would be futile.If not for their tiring efforts you would not have been what you are now.Moreover they are the designers who designed you,still knowing that their hardwork would not.be spoken of but your design will be and took immense pleasure in simply admiring you. Ultimate souls with so many personalities – the friend to joke with , the support lender to cling on and the life saver giving u a life all these we simply call them a “Teacher”. hatsoff to school life which gifts us these wonders!!

4) Gifter of your first experiences.
       You learn there, You read there, you speak there, you make friends, you associate with teachers & others. You learn a lot.You become a runner, a cricket player,a singer, a writer many more. You face your first success your first betrayal all at school.All experiences you get in school make you the man of tomorrow. Are’nt you supposed to be thankful to school life merely for this reason(Oh come on, be honest!!

5) An exotic adventure of memory making
    Honestly do you actually study in school instead what you do is goof around with friends and have absolute fun.. And unfortunately this is the only fun you are supposed to have in life without restrictions.. You play with friends , You give them nick names( no one can even imagine of those names),You bunk classes and escape and straightly bump to the devil of the school( principal i mean.. even so devilish he is not that bad right?) and then you get punished.. Then what about the school tours, Functions,stealing friends food and filling da lunchbox with trash. endless discussions on nothing and Farewells (personally my farewell is the only things which makes me remember there are people who love me) These stunning memories are the treasures you carry in life and in future when you feel stressed, used up , broken and when fear, betrayals and failures slap you on face..Just take a trip through these memory lanes and they will give you the best comfort you can never ever dream of..

This is the heavenly life called school life
Arent these reasons sufficient enough to say that  school life is best
       we give nothing
        we loose nothing
       we gain everything

salutes to the school life which serves as the oxygen for your souls.!!

Dedicated to:- Malwana International School & Mubarak International Academy

An Article By:- 

Marwa Jowsi.


37 thoughts on “5 Reasons that School Life is Heavenly

  1. heyy.. the bullet of MIA!! wonderful dr!! really I dnt love any plc than my schls ( MIS &MIA) best place evr! hats off to u! best topic.. made me to miss my schl nd u guys alt again!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great. U all doing wonderful work during ur free times. Yes,really scl life is wonderful and can’t describe those days with words and we can’t get those days again.wish u all the best.this kind of small effort will be bring u bright future in future .try more.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good one Dr.. My school life memories popped up into my mind my heart craves for a lovely time like that. I wish I cud go through my school life once again.. I love my school none other can replace u.. N I miss M. I. S badly as well.. Maru I’m happy that u have done a fantastic piece of writing.. Wishing u all luck. 😃😃😍😘

    Liked by 2 people

  4. U all try 2 do a media in ur scl.and leave magazines once a month or twice a week. Several kinds of talents are there among u. As old students u can do a media or guide other students to.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Its great! We can never find a place better than school, specially a palce like MIS! U made me remind all those beautiful memos like a small movie! Do more darlu! All the best😍🤝

    Liked by 1 person

  6. marwa u r talent is precious dont wasre it dont forget that ur talented .u have forgot it .believe in yourself .this is a wonderful work marwa . excellent .👻 marwaa.its like its written for me .thank u marwa👏👏😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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