Android vs IOS, which platform is Best?

Samsung and Apple

Android or iOs?
Technology is at its peak in this modern era. While smart phone users have enomously increased, the conflict arrises. A group which fascinates Google‘s open source Linux-based software ‘Android’ and another group who support Apple’s rich software ‘iOs’. This is not a battle among two ethical crowd, it’s a battle between two platforms. Both platforms has their  own Pros and Cons, lets discuss about that. 

  • “Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobiles devices such as smartphones and tablets” says Wikipedia

That selected price, with different hardware capabilities, screen sizes and features. Another advantage of Android is it can be more customizable by the operator. The home screen can be customized with apps and widgets, the major contrast between iOs and Android. And we have the Google powered Playstore, with 600,000+ applications available. With advantages be in one side, disadvantages too exist. Some of the disadvantages are, not secure than  iOs,less privacy etc… 

  • “iOs is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its  hardware.” says again Wikipedia

iOs is more secure and very expensive than Android, which their software has a finishing touch and their devices too looks rich. iOs provides the user with a deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter. And apps like Facetime and Passbook only exist in Apple store and the mind-blowing iTunes. Another contrast between 

iOs and Android is, iOs is very costly than Android and not available in selected price ranges. Some of the disadvantages of iOs is limited customization options for the home screens, interface locked down etc… But considering Android, iOs has better privacy controls. 

So when arriving to the conclusion of an endless modern battle between two glory. To conclude this is so pathetic as I’m an Android lover. Over and above, both operating system has their own infrastructure. Therefore, Android vs iOs? has no conclusion, but both systems won the contest. Finally only to say that an Android is not equal to iOs.

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4 thoughts on “Android vs IOS, which platform is Best?

  1. It’s not wise to take any decision based on only OS,I think phone’s hardware is also a strong element to take the decision which one you will use or not…


  2. Well, Android is an open-source platform and iOS is a closed platform with open-source components. They both are great in their terms but I would choose Android because it is quite easy and cheap to develop android app than iOS app. It does provides more interesting features than iOS that you should look out here:


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