J.K.Rowling, A Broken Crayon Which Still Colours!

Best Inspiration

“Broken crayons still colours what an inspirational and motivational statement that is. The most fundamental concept that You Can Do It is the basic concept brushed up here. This article will paint out about 5 broken motivational and inspirational personalities who failed and yet ended up as the best role models. At a certain point in life, if we skip or stop doing it or forget the concept that I can do it we will end up as failed personalities. Therefore, I’m starting my article Broken crayons still colours based on 5 successful personalities who failed.

J.k.Rowling5) J.K.Rowling
Yes, J.K.Rowling. The award-winning inspiration. Well known on narrow circles of her series Harry Potter. She was a broken crayon which still coloured. Therefore, she is winning the fifth place as the most successful people who failed.
J.K.Rowling alias Joanne Jo Rowling took the Oxford University entrance but failed, her first failure. She challenged herself and made an inspiration to Martin Sorell, a french professor at Exeter as he mentions  a quiet competent student, with a denim jacket and dark hair, who in academic terms, gave the appearance of doing what was necessary. She graduated from Exeter in 1986 and joined as a researcher at Amnesty International.
After she stopped working for Amnesty International then the mystery began, Harry Potter. The concept of  A young boy attending a school of wizardry came to her full formed only while she was on a 4-hour delayed train trip from Manchester to London, she began the writing itself when reached Clapham Junction. The tragedy began only to affect Rowling writing when her mother passed away because of sclerosis, the second failure.
Rowling then shifted to Portugal to be a motivational English teacher. And she married Jane Austen, and they had their child, but again failure interrupted, they ended up on divorce. Seven years after graduating from Exeter, she saw herself as a failed personality and even attempted suicide, her third failure.
Even though failures has driven her, she thought that “ I can do it “. In 1995, she completed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, proved that broken crayons still colours. But the happiness doesn’t last long. Twelve major publishing houses rejected the manuscript as a Stupid Concept, the fourth failure. A year later a small publishing house showed the green light but she only received a £1500 as advance. Five months later the book grasped the Nestle Smarties Book Price. All the following series were mass success and was sold over 400million copies, and a set of successful movies with series of awards too.
She proved the whole world that what is motivation and inspiration really means and ended up as the best role model to folks over there.

By :-Sadurshan

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