Dengue – All you need to know To Be Safe

Before starting.

Given below is a long paragraph given by Wikipedia once I researched about Dengue. But trust me, this is useless. Lemme explain in my way. 

“Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash. Recovery generally takes two to seven days. In a small some cases, the disease develops into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding, low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, or into dengue shock syndrome, where dangerously low blood pressure occurs.”

Lets get back to my article.


Hello guys, today I am into a more serious topic and a very treading topic in Sri Lanka “Dengue- All You Need To Know To Be Safe“. More than 81000 infections, 200+ deaths and rushing bed-less hospitals is the unwelcomed boon presented by 2017.

And guys, I’m also living in an infected zone where my own family member suffered Dengue Fever (DHF). Considering the pathetic situation, I will share my knowledge which I know. 

Dengue (Virus) is spreaded by a vector, and as usual its the cold-blooded criminal the mosquito, and that culprits scientific name is Aedes Adyepti – this criminal is very hungry during day time – specially 2 hours after dawn and dusk. This culprit uses clean water as the main  reproductive source. 

That’s enough of that cold-blooded guy-the mosquito. Lets get started.

Well guys am not a doctor or studying anything related to medicine. But the symptoms of Dengue usually appears after 3-14 days of incubation of the virus in our body. More pathetically this trojan uses our platelets to increase its energy levels and to continue its existence. Therefore what will happen? Our platelets counts will gradually decrease  (150-450 normal value). 

Platelets are the agents responsible for blood clotting. So when you get Dengue you suffer from internal bleeding.

And you get a high fever,vomiting, diarrhea,muscle craps, blah blah blah…. 

They are the symptoms and yeah it’s diagnosed by a blood test- Dengue Antigen.

Ah, forgot it.

There is no anti-viral for this virus.

Shocked? Me indeed. Only remedy for this virus is natural heel. Medicines are used to only cure the symptoms. Therefore we need to increase the speed of natural cure and some how cut the level of damage made by the virus. Staying indoors. Uh?? So here comes the way which I learned from practices which IDH, the main hospital which infectious diseases are treated in Sri Lanka.

Staying Hydrated…..

Fresh Milk, Green Apple Juice, soup and Jeevani are the 4 supporting guards recommended by doctors. And I also got news that dengue patients must not eat food rich in red and brown colour. I am not sure about that. But just mentioning, in case if that worked!

Doctors don’t recommend the Papaya Leaves juice.

So I don’t recommend that too.

Be sure to check your PLT counts. If its below 120 please immediately rush to hospital.

And we are moving on to how to stop Dengue spreading culprits from breeding.

The main remedy to reduce the infection rate is to cut the infection spreading way. To cut the infection spreading way is on hands of every single citizen of Sri Lanka. While being on the high breeding district Gampaha, I feel some insecurity, and there came a hope. Why should I be scared when I keep my surroundings clean! That’s the only solution.

Small coconut shells, cups, broken glass bottles, Rambutan wastes and the all things which has water will definitely be the labour ward of dengue mosquitoes. 

Even though you clean that place, if the eggs are not destroyed, once again if pure water contacted the egg would transform into a killer again.

Approximately, it lays 100eggs little by little in different clean water sources unlike other mosquitoes do.

So please lets clean our surroundings to be healthy.

So the next step I am moving to in what position Sri Lanka is on.

With these serious spreading the hospitals are crowded. A single bed is shared by 2 or even 3 and there are patients without bed (they have provided mattress). Our government is on pressure and our economy is om decline because the numbe of tourists that visit Sri Lanka has reduced – because it has been a black mark that Sri Lanka spreads Dengue.

So there’s no point in blaming our country’s government. The only point is why isn’t they declared an emergency.

Our government has taken advice from WHO last week and they are implementing according to that statements.

Keeping a full stop to Dengue starts from an individual.

Not tomorrow,

Its today!

Let’s keep surroundings clean and stay Dengue free.

Share this to all loved ones.

Thank you.




6 thoughts on “Dengue – All you need to know To Be Safe

  1. The everspreading and hottest situation prevailing in country…~~ Dengue….. well done dear…. had shared the important things and to be considered matters… all the best for ur improvement.. and good luck for more in future.

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